FOR nearly 10 years I HAVE WORKED as a CREATIVE AND art director FOR interactive advertising. Here you can see an overview of clients, agencies AND AWARDS. ALSO a few samples of my work. Still curious? Drop me an email


Innovation & creativity

There is a tendency towards accessibility and simplification. Everybody wants to be able to create his own media content. For several years I worked as a freelance creative and art director for Philips Design. One of the projects concerned the conceptualization of a new design philosophy for their online content. A building-blocks system which assured the official branding but also allowed different departments within the company to adapt and implement highly stylized responsive design templates. I sketched out the first examples for this concept. In a later stage of implementation I was responsible for the art direction and team management. I was also involved in several internal Philips commercials as a writer and art director.

Creativity and art direction with Philips Design.



I’m good performing under pressure. I love the challenge of a pitch. It forces faster decisions which sometimes also turn out more creative. The above is an example of a pitch for Mitsubishi, a series of quick sketches to illustrate the animation style for an automative stand. 

Art direction with Lukkien for Mitsubishi.


Photography design

I started my career as a still photographer. This is also how I learned to design, by playing around with bits and pieces of photos in my free time. Through the years this has become my trademark as an advertising creative. I excel in creating campaigns and designs based on photographic material. I love putting together new worlds, sketching out moodboards or defining the narrative of a campaign through storyboards. The above is an example of a proposal for the website, which visualised the point of view of a little girl who one day followed her dad to work as he head off to the advertising office. The collages illustrate her Alice-in-Wonderland perspective, showcasing at the same time the portfolio of the advertising agency. 

Art direction and collages with Euro RSCG 4D for


Campaign design

My main goal - as a filmmaker and creative - is to transmit emotions and tell stories. This is what I like most about digital campaigns. How do you translate a TV commercial into a digital medium, in such a way that it also improves the original format. The example above is an award-winning campaign for Volvo C30, a model aimed at the younger generation of car buyers. The idea was to show the flaws and let the audience decide what they think about the product. Part of the campaign was the translation of TV commercials into online games with a strong narrative and bold style.

Lead design with Euro RSCG 4D for Volvo.